American Conference Institute's 2nd Annual Advanced Forum on Government Contract Cost & Pricing

April 11-12, 2011
Washington, DC

Penalty Update: The Costs of False Claims, Overcharging and Fraud Enforcement

  • To what extent increased disclosure and reporting requirements place contractors on enforcement officials' radar screens
  • DOJ success levels for prosecutions and securing settlements for cost and pricing violations
  • How relaxed requirements for proving false claims under FERA have been applied: Impact of recent qui tam and false claims cases dealing with cost and pricing issues
  • Review of failed and successful defenses to false claims actions
  • Cost and pricing inaccuracies and estimating practices that have led to allegations of procurement fraud
  • How price reductions claims can escalate into fraud allegations under civil and criminal False Claims Act
  • When the government is barred from making a claim against you due to the statute of limitations
    • how the statute applies to claims regarding incurred costs audits, CAS and defective pricing
    • does the statute run from the date of award or the discovery of a violation?
    • how the statute applies to continuing, ongoing violations
  • Managing U.S. DOJ investigations
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