ACI DCAA Audits: Strategies to Prepare and Manage Increasingly Complex and Frequent Audits

November 29-30, 2011
Washington, DC

Reducing Payment Withholding Risks under the New DFARS Business System Rule: The Scope of the New Rule and the Impact on Your Compliance Status

Audits of the cost and performance of government programs are essential for government accountability to the public and transparency about whether the government is getting value for taxpayer dollars" - Government Accountability Office (GAO)

As an election year approaches and pressure mounts on the Obama Administration to tighten budgets and eliminate wasteful spending of taxpayer money, DCAA faces increased pressure to reign in Government spending. U.S. Government contractors face the likely prospect of even more DCAA scrutiny.

  • What types of contracts are affected by the new withholding rule
  • What triggers a payment withholding, and strategies to reduce withholding risks
  • Understanding the effect of the new rule on auditor-CO relationships: The Contracting Officer's role in making the final determination
  • How should contractors address deficiencies in business systems and actual harm to the Government
  • Ensuring prompt response to adverse CO determinations and remediation of business system deficiencies to ensure uninterrupted payments
  • What happens if a contractor fails to correct significant system deficiencies

Meet the Speakers

Kara L. Daniels
Arnold & Porter
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