Kaye Scholer Hosted International Antitrust and National Security Seminar in Frankfurt

October 1, 2013

Kaye Scholer, along with Berenberg, Consilio and Compass Lexecon, presented a full-day seminar to invited clients and guests on “International Antitrust And National Security” in Frankfurt on October 1, 2013. The program featured the following presentations:

Criminal Investigations and Enforcement in the US and in Germany; Cooperation with the Agencies and International Leniency Strategies
Speakers: Robert B. Bell (Kaye Scholer, Washington, DC), Dr. Sebastian Jungermann (Kaye Scholer, Frankfurt)

US Civil Antitrust Enforcement and Private Civil Litigation: Parallel and Multi-District Litigation, Class Actions and other Challenges
Speakers: Saul P. Morgenstern (Kaye Scholer, New York), Jennifer B. Patterson (Kaye Scholer, New York)

Proposals from the European Commission on Antitrust Damages Actions; Rescission of Delivery-Contracts with Former Cartel-Members
Speaker: Dr. Michael Weigel (Kaye Scholer, Frankfurt)

Economic Models for the Calculation of Cartel Damages
Speaker: Thilo Klein (Compass Lexecon, London)

US-Discovery in Aid of Private Enforcement in Europe
Speakers: Jennifer B. Patterson (Kaye Scholer, New York), Dr. Sebastian Jungermann (Kaye Scholer, Frankfurt)

E-Discovery, Internal Investigations, Review-Technology and Data Protection/Privacy Issues
Speaker: Michael Becker (Consilio, A First Advantage Company, Frankfurt)

The US National Security Process for Inbound Foreign Direct Investment: CFIUS, FOCI and Beyond|
Speaker: Farhad Jalinous / Keith Schomig (Kaye Scholer, Washington, DC)

The Impact of the German AWG on Transactions (The German CFIUS Process)
Speaker: Dr. Björn Simon (Berenberg, Frankfurt)

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