What Every Government Contractor Needs to Know About Preventing and Dealing with Cyber Attacks or Data Breach

February 12, 2014
McLean, VA & via Webinar

Each year the government increases its oversight of information security. Government contractors continue to remain extremely vulnerable to risks posed by cyber attacks and data breaches. While corporations have their own internal compliance requirements, each government agency has unique regulations as well. Combined, this can be extraordinarily complex and hard to manage. Once a corporation experiences a data breach, the implications can be massive (i.e. loss of data; canceled contracts; testifying before a Congressional Committee; debarment). It's critical to be prepared! This panel will guide you through the scope of cyber threats to government contractors and the importance of taking protective measures to comply with regulations set out by various agencies.

Meet the Speakers

Charles A. Blanchard
Arnold & Porter
Kenneth L. Chernof
Arnold & Porter
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