Profile Building in Advocacy: How to Play Your Trump Card

Wednesday, April 11 2018

8:00–10:00 am ET

Arnold & Porter
601 Massachusetts Ave., NW
Washington, DC

As a nonprofit organization, you may be questioning how, in today's political environment, you can create a positive impact for your organization and the community or members it serves. Some may view Washington's current political state as uncharted territory, but the policymaking and policy-influencing process is still navigable.

This interactive workshop teaches attendees how to amplify their voice on relevant issues to reach above the fray in Washington and achieve a win, whether it's national recognition, funding, partnerships, a policy change, or other forms of success.

We will provide an overview of the current landscape in Washington and profile-raising strategies for how to navigate and engage in the process.

Attendees will leave the workshop with the top 10 takeaways for strategically developing their policy asks, identifying their audiences in and out of the federal government, creating effective messaging about issues affecting their organizations, cultivating relationships, and employing other strategies that both leverage individuals at their institutions as "thought-leaders" and advance their priorities in our nation's capital.

Meet the speakers

Sara Garofalo Linder
Senior Policy Specialist*
Sebastien Lasseur
Policy Specialist*

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