May 2015

Kaye Scholer IP Report Offers Insights on Current Patent Law Developments and Future Outcomes

Kaye Scholer’s nationally recognized Intellectual Property Practice has produced a timely report addressing the dynamic patent law litigation landscape and what it means for the value of IP assets.

Offering both empirical analysis and legal reasoning, The Various Patent Reform Vehicles & Where They Have Taken Us addresses the confluence of legislative and judicial factors, as well as inter partes review and new administrative case management techniques, that is driving the push for patent reform.The report’s topics include:

  • The continuing trend toward tougher standards for patentees,
  • The broad support for additional national reform legislation,
  • The emerging environment for software patent eligibility post-Alice,
  • The still-to-be-determined deterrent effect of new fee-shifting rules to curb frivolous litigation, and
  • The small successes to date of reforming the patent law system to negate the perceived ill effect of non-practicing entities (or patent trolls) on the system.

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