Energy Commodities Futures Trading

Our lawyers have substantial knowledge and experience with derivatives and the requirements of the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act, Commodity Exchange Act, federal and state securities laws, federal energy laws, and federal banking laws. We are experienced in dealing with enforcement and rule compliance in connection with exchanges, such as the Chicago Mercantile Exchange and the Intercontinental Exchange. Our lawyers have represented companies with regard to allegations of market manipulation and other trading abuses. We have represented several major energy traders, large broker-dealers, and various hedge funds in connection with allegations of price manipulation in the energy, securities, and futures markets.

Our lawyers have represented:

  • An energy trade association in connection with the CFTC's market manipulation rulemakings.
  • A natural gas and power marketer with regard to registration and regulatory issues.
  • Wholesale power marketers with respect to credit-sleeve transactions in support of commodity supply arrangements of retail suppliers of electricity and natural gas.
  • Financial firms and other companies in litigation and as targets of investigations, including:
      • A major utility in an investigation into false price reporting in the natural gas market. 
      • An energy trading firm in an investigation into price manipulation. 
      • An Australian bank in litigation in federal district court and bankruptcy court arising from a US$50 million credit derivative swap transaction relating to Enron debt.
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