Motions to disqualify can be extremely detrimental and disruptive to clients and law firms. For that reason, law firm leadership frequently involve us when a potential disqualification situation is emerging. We help our clients analyze conflict claims, advise on strengths and weaknesses, and where possible, look for practical solutions to resolve the situation. We take a holistic approach to advising law firms, which means not just advising on a particular disqualification motion, but considering other potential consequences that sometimes flow from such disputes, including civil claims and State Bar inquiries.

Many firms also hire us to formally appear as special counsel on their behalf in opposing motions to disqualify. Having a more neutral third-party lawyer appear to argue for your firm can make a positive impression upon the court, and our familiarity with the entire body of the law governing lawyers can prove invaluable at hearings. Our long experience and prior work product give our clients an edge in an area of law that is complicated and nuanced.

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