At the core of our attorney liability practice is our malpractice defense work. We have defended legal malpractice claims arising from numerous practice areas, including corporate, financial services, intellectual property, litigation (including class actions), arbitration, securities, and trust and estate planning matters. We also defend actions filed by third parties, such as bankruptcy trustees, disappointed investors, and opposing parties who sue law firms for malicious prosecution. 

We bring to this work substantial experience as trial lawyers--both as former prosecutors and in defending civil commercial claims. Often times the most important first step when we are retained is to perform an internal investigation to understand exactly how events transpired. This critical step allows our client to get in front of a claim and anticipate how it will develop. Our experience allows us to know where to look, whom to speak to, and, above all, how to get the job done effectively and collegially. Our experience also allows us to identify and develop the relevant facts to support defenses and also quickly to identify red flags and challenges. We provide candid, objective assessments that assist our clients in making sound decisions.

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