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Congressional Investigations

A client under the public spotlight of a congressional investigation often has myriad concerns: threatened or actual litigation in multiple venues, civil enforcement action by federal or state agencies and potential criminal exposure, as well as the public relations and business impact of a high-profile investigation. Congress has the right to obtain documents and compel testimony from individuals and organizations on virtually any issue related to its legislative and oversight responsibilities.

We have guided numerous companies and individuals through congressional subpoenas and document requests, informal and on-the-record staff interviews, and the high-profile public hearings that characterize major congressional investigations. Our Congressional Investigations practice includes a former member of Congress and former committee chief counsels, criminal prosecutors, agency enforcement attorneys, and inspectors general.

Representative Matters:

  • The Administrator of the Coalition Provisional Authority in Iraq in connection with hearings on Iraq reconstruction.
  • A federal employee in the Senate Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations inquiry into improper conduct by the US Secret Service in Cartagena, Columbia.
  • An individual under investigation by House and Senate committees facing criminal charges for his role in the UN Oil-for-Food Programme in Iraq.
  • A top White House official in House and Senate "Whitewater" hearings.
  • A senior accounting firm partner in House committee hearings on the failure of Enron.
  • A senior corporate financial office in congressional hearings on WorldCom.
  • Compounding pharmacists in congressional hearings arising out of deaths due to fungal meningitis contamination.
  • A security contractor in a congressional investigation on the excessive use of force against citizens in Iraq.
  • A collection agency investigated by Congress for unfair collection practices.
  • A federal whistle-blower in a congressional investigation of the culture of misconduct within the US Secret Service.
  • A major university in a congressional investigation of conflicts of interest in their management of the US Department of Education's Reading First Program.

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