Buttonwood Group Trading, LLC

Chapter 7 Trustee

Our attorneys represented the Chapter 7 trustee for Buttonwood Group Trading, LLC, which was engaged in the proprietary trading of various securities on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange before Buttonwood’s collapse in 2012. On behalf of the trustee, our attorneys led eighteen adversary proceedings against various former insiders of Buttonwood and other parties who received transfers of assets from the Debtor and worked to recover such transfers for the benefit of all creditors of Buttonwood. The adversary proceedings contained multiple counts and sought to recover the transfers as preferential transfers, actual and constructive fraudulent transfers under both federal and state law, and improper distributions. Most recently, our attorneys successfully prevailed against motions to dismiss that were filed in the vast majority of the adversary proceedings. The court ruled in favor of the Trustee with respect to all of the courts in the complaints, and the actions are proceeding.

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