Howard Hughes estate litigation

Controller of the State of California
1980 - 1985

Martin Glick and his colleagues represented the Controller of the State of California in the Howard Hughes estate litigation. Claims were made that Hughes died as a "domicile" of Texas (that state urged that he never became a Californian or a Nevadan), California (through its Controller urging that he was the ultimate Californian and he never decided to make Nevada his home), or Nevada (by the Estate urging that this no death tax state is where he last settled). There were also very significant disputes about the value of his estate assets at death. Actions were filed in the various states and California argued that the United States Supreme Court should accept the case under its original jurisdiction powers to resolve controversies between states, a move opposed by both the Estate and the State of Texas. The Supreme Court ultimately accepted California's arguments and the case became Original #88 in that court. The case was settled on the eve of trial scheduled to take place in Denver before a Special Master appointed by the Court and California received the lion's share of the tax revenues.


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