Lucent Technologies, Inc. v. Dell Computer Corporation

Dell Inc.
2003 - 2008

Our intellectual property team claimed victory for its client, Dell Inc., in a consolidated US$3 billion patent infringement suit in the Southern District of California (Lucent Technologies Inc. v. Dell Inc.). The suit, brought by Lucent Technologies Inc. (now "Alcatel-Lucent") and Multimedia Patent Trust, asserted twelve patents against Dell in technologies related to video coding, speech coding, caller ID, video displays, web forms, user interfaces, and remote graphics communications.

Following the Court's claim construction ruling, Lucent was forced to withdraw its assertions regarding a number of its patents. Our attorneys had five additional patents dismissed on summary judgment of non-infringement. In addition the court awarded Dell its attorneys' fees for Lucent's continued assertion of one of the patents dismissed on summary judgment. We reduced the client's potential liability by almost 90% as a result of its summary judgment motions.

Beginning in February 2008, a 19-day jury trial was held on Lucent's remaining assertion of three patents against Dell. The jury found that Dell did not infringe two of the asserted patents. The jury also determined that Lucent failed to provide notice of one of the patents prior to filing suit, eliminating any potential damages because that patent had expired. On the third patent, the jury awarded Lucent damages of only US$51,000.

Our team was led by partners James Blackburn (Los Angeles), Joseph Micallef (Washington, DC), and Ali Sharifahmadian (Washington, DC). Our attorneys represent some of the largest companies in the world in high-stakes IP and technology litigation. We have extensive experience representing clients in leading-edge litigation and test cases concerning technology and the scope of IP law, including patent, copyright, trade secret, trademark, right of publicity, and unfair competition litigation.

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