ContentGuard Holdings Inc. v. Google Inc.

Google, Inc.

A September 23, 2015, jury verdict in the Eastern District of Texas in ContentGuard Holdings Inc. v. Google Inc. secured a judgment of non-infringement for Google and Samsung on five patents relating to digital rights management technology that protects content on smartphones and tablets. Our Silicon Valley and Chicago attorneys defended Google in this patent dispute. After two weeks of trial, the jury returned a verdict of non-infringement on all patents in suit after just over two hours of deliberation.  In July 2017, the Federal Circuit affirmed the verdict.

ContentGuard, a subsidiary of a patent holding firm Pendrell, was seeking damages of more than $500 million from Google, Samsung and other Android manufacturers. Specifically, the Google Play Movies and Video application and Google Play Books application were accused of infringing the patents. The patents originated out of Xerox PARC in the mid-1990s.

By prior agreement of the parties, the non-infringement verdict also applies to other Android phone manufacturers sued in related actions, including Motorola, Huawei and HTC.

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