In re DRAM Antitrust Litigation (MDL No. 1486) and other related litigation

Micron Technology, Inc

Our attorneys defended Micron Technology, Inc. in civil antitrust cases relating to memory chip pricing, including consolidated federal class actions and multiple indirect purchaser cases in state courts. The firm represented Micron in both the Department of Justice investigation and class action litigation filed by direct and indirect purchasers around the country, but centered for the most part in federal court in San Francisco.

The firm was active in all aspects of the litigation, including the management of the removal and transfer of over fifty separate actions, motions to dismiss in a number of state actions, direct purchaser class certification briefing, and ongoing discovery in both direct and indirect purchaser litigation. Our lawyers were leaders in the joint defense effort, taking the lead on and arguing the most important motions, including class certification.

Our antitrust litigation team reprsented Micron in

  • Antitrust class actions in federal court on behalf of direct purchasers of dynamic random access memory ("DRAM") alleging price fixing and coordinated supply restrictions in violation of the Sherman Act.
  • More than 60 class action cases in federal court and in the courts of various US states and territories on behalf of indirect purchasers of DRAM alleging price fixing and other violations of various state consumer protection and antitrust laws.
  • Two antitrust actions in federal district court, one filed by the State of New York and one filed by the attorneys general of more than 30 other states and US territories, alleging price fixing and other violations under federal law and various state antitrust and consumer protection laws and seeking to recover damages on behalf of consumers and state governments who purchased DRAM.


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