Carlos Armando Amado v. Microsoft Corporation

Microsoft Corporation

Our attorneys are defending Microsoft in a patent infringement action in the Central District of California brought by a patent owner named Carlos Armando Amado. Plaintiff had asserted that Microsoft's Access software and versions of Microsoft Office containing both Access and Excel infringed his patent no. 5,293,615 for a "point and shoot interface for linking database records to spreadsheets whereby data of a record is automatically reformatted and loaded upon issuance of a recalculation command." After a jury trial in 2005, our attorneys successfully limited the jury's damages finding to approximately $9 million, while the plaintiff had argued that he should receive almost $450 million. Our attorneys represented Microsoft in the appeal before the Federal Circuit, and the Federal Circuit upheld the trial court's findings in all respects. Once the case returned to the district court, our attorneys successfully argued that the permanent injunction entered in the case, which was stayed from the time of its entry, should be dissolved in light of the Supreme Court's recent eBay decision, and our attorneys also convinced the trial court again to reject the plaintiff's exorbitant damages claims. That decision is now on appeal to the Federal Circuit, and our attorneys continue to represent Microsoft in this matter.


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