DuPont v. Monsanto

Monsanto Company
2000 - 2002

Our attorneys worked with five other law firms in representing Monsanto Company in two massive lawsuits filed in March 2000 by DuPont Company, which was represented by seven law firms. DuPont's lawsuits, filed in federal courts in Delaware and South Carolina, included antitrust and Lanham Act claims based on Monsanto's marketing and advertising practices with respect to Monsanto's key products, Roundup herbicide, Roundup Ready soybeans, and Roundup Ready cotton. DuPont also alleged breach of contract and theft of trade secret claims relating to Monsanto's development and commercialization of Roundup Ready soybeans. Our team plotted the antitrust theory of the case, worked with Monsanto's outside experts, defended depositions, assisted co-counsel with discovery, and provided insights to the defense team on the science of transgenic plants. After almost two years of discovery, Monsanto negotiated a broad settlement with DuPont, which resolved these lawsuits, as well as a number of other lawsuits between Monsanto and DuPont relating to the development and marketing of genetically modified seeds.

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