City of Oakland and the County of Alameda v. The Oakland Raiders

Oakland Raiders
1997 - 2003

Our attorneys successfully represented The Oakland Raiders in its multi-million dollar fraud and breach of contract suit against the Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum, Inc. (OACC), jointly owned by the County of Alameda and City of Oakland, where the jury returned a US$34.2 million dollar verdict for the Raiders. The jury found that the OACC officials failed to deliver on promises of a sold-out stadium when they lured the team back from Los Angeles. The firm represented the Raiders from the day the OACC, City of Oakland, and the County of Alameda first sued the Raiders in September 1997, through the filing of the Raiders' cross complaint in June 1998, through the successful five-month trial ending in August 2003 with the jury's US$34.2 million award, through the appeal and finally in the global settlement with OACC, the City of Oakland, and Alameda County.

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