Hines v. Wyeth et al

Wyeth Pharmaceuticals Inc. and Pharmcia & Upjohn Co.

Our attorneys act as national coordination counsel for all matters related to Pfizer and its subsidiaries on hormone therapy (HT) litigation. We successfully defended Wyeth and Pharmacia & Upjohn in Hines v. Wyeth, et al in West Virginia — a jurisdiction the American Tort Reform Foundation classifies as one of the nation’s “judicial hell holes.” After a three-week trial, the jury found that the clients’ HT products did not cause the plaintiff’s breast cancer and that plaintiff’s claims were time-barred by the applicable statute of limitation. Notably, this was the first defense verdict for Pharmacia & Upjohn in the HT litigation.

In a news article written after the case, the local plaintiff’s lawyer complained about how defense counsel came to town, set up temporary office space, and ”bombarded the court with motions.” The lawyer further noted that “They just pounded us on every single argument, every single point... They slammed the court and us with a lot of motions. And I'd say the vast majority of those motions, the defendants won."

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