Acquisition of AT&T Corp.

SBC Communications
2005 - 2005

In a landmark transaction heralding a new era for the telecommunications industry, SBC Communications Inc. completed its US$16-billion acquisition of AT&T Corp. on November 18, 2005, forming the new AT&T Inc. Our attorneys assisted SBC in this landmark transaction, as the firm has in all of SBC's previous major mergers, including its acquisitions of Pacific Telesis, Ameritech, and SNET; the combination of SBC's and BellSouth's wireless businesses to form Cingular Wireless; and Cingular's US$41-billion acquisition of AT&T Wireless.

Lawyers in the firm's Washington, London, and Brussels offices helped SBC obtain approval for the deal from the Federal Communications Commission and secure antitrust clearance in the US and a number of foreign countries, and also provided government contracts and public policy advice.

The team served as co-counsel for SBC on US antitrust matters, including helping to obtain federal antitrust clearance and assisting in investigations by state attorneys general, and served as SBC's lead international counsel, coordinating the process of obtaining regulatory, competition, and foreign investment approvals in 14 countries.

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