Sale to AstraZeneca

Spirogen Sarl (a portfolio company of Auven Therapeutics)

Our attorneys represented Auven Therapeutics, a global private equity company, and its portfolio company Spirogen Sarl, a privately held biotech company focused on antibody technology for use in oncology, in the sale of Spirogen Sarl to AstraZeneca for US$200 million in cash and deferred consideration of up to US$240 million. 

As part of the transaction, MedImmune, a subsidiary of AstraZeneca, entered into a collaboration agreement with ADC Therapeutics, another Auven portfolio company, to jointly develop two of ADC Therapeutics' antibody-drug conjugate programs in preclinical development. The transaction also involved the investment by MedImmune and Auven of US$20 million each in ADC Therapeutics.

Our attorneys provided counsel on M&A, IP licensing, employment, and other aspects of the transaction. 

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