Military coordination efforts

US Northern Command

Washington DC-based partner and US Army Reserves Colonel Mark Maier was the deputy Defense Coordinating Officer (DCO) during Exercise Vibrant Response 2016 where he organized the initial response, led crisis action teams, conducted command update briefs, and served as the DCO in his absence. This event is a US Northern Command field training exercise designed to improve consequence management force’s response to catastrophic incidents from chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear and high-yield explosive attacks.

In addition to being a National Security partner at the firm, Maier is the US Army North’s Emergency Preparedness Office for Maryland. This position is part of the Department of Defense Support of Civil Authorities program which saves lives and reduces damage in response to attacks, natural disasters and civil unrest.

Vibrant Response 2016 simulated and tested reactions to a large explosion of an improvised nuclear device in a highly populated area using a dual-status commander, real time operations and computer simulations. Participants included responders from federal, state and local civilian agencies alongside Army, Navy, Air Force and Marine military service members from the National Guard, Active Duty and Reserves.


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