Serves as primary counsel


USAction is one of the largest progressive advocacy and education groups in the country.  A team of our attorneys serves as primary counsel on all matters, including tax compliance, election law, IP, employment law, and other operating issues. We also handle their licensing and IP agreements, fundraising, and independent contractor agreements. Over the last decade, we have reviewed a significant number of television and newspaper advertisements, flyers, telephone bank scripts, door-to-door scripts, and group emails to ensure that they fall in the proper (c)(3) and (c)(4) categories and avoid federal election law violations. We have also played an active role in formulating issue advocacy campaigns and identifying appropriate states and Congressional districts for such activities. At least once a year, we also do tax and election law training sessions for USAction activists and partners on appropriate activities for (c)(3) organizations and their (c)(4) affiliates, as well as 527 organizations and federally registered PACs. We have also reviewed and helped prepare grant proposals for USAction. We advise USAction on state and local registration requirements and coordinate these issues with local counsel. Finally, we provide IP, licensing, employment law, and leasing/real estate advice to USAction.

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