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Stuart Turner has extensive experience in litigation and counseling for companies that work with the federal government.

Mr. Turner has represented contractors for the defense, healthcare, construction and other industries in bid protests, claims, and traditional litigation, including litigation under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA). He has litigated before the Government Accountability Office, the Federal Boards of Contract Appeals, the US Court of Federal Claims, and the District of Columbia Contract Appeals Board, as well as traditional state and federal courts.

He has litigated for and advised clients on multiple aspects of government contracting, including procurement issues of every stripe, CAS noncompliance issues and other regulatory compliance matters, False Claims Act and other investigations, and FOIA. He has trained both contractors and grant recipients in evolving compliance requirements and helped these entities draft and implement compliant internal policies.

He has assisted companies and grant-receiving organizations in internal audits and investigations, and with responding to inquiries from the Department of Justice and multiple other federal, state and local agencies.

Mr. Turner has taught and published on various aspects of compliance for both federal contractors and grant recipients, including programs on FAR procurement rules, bid protest procedure, FOIA, data rights for government contractors, organizational conflicts of interest, and other topics.


  • NTT Data Services Federal Government, LLC, B-422355.1, protester, corrective action (2024).
  • Open San Consulting, LLC, B-421507.2, protester, corrective action, costs awarded (2023).
  • Business Mission Edge, LLC, B-420702.1, protester, corrective action (2022).
  • NTT DATA Services Federal Government, LLC, B-419674.2, protester, corrective action (2021).
  • ORBIS Sibro Inc., B-418165.7 et al, intervenor, protest denied (2021).
  • Morgan Business Services, B-418165.6 et al., intervenor, protest denied (2021).
  • Mission 1st Group Inc., B-419369.2, intervenor, protest denied (2021).
  • HomeSafe Alliance LLC, B-418266.5 et al., protester, sustained (2020).
  • Synchron LLC, B-418165.3, protester, corrective action (2019).
  • Open SAN Consulting, B-416942.3, protester, corrective action (2019).
  • Mission Essential Personnel, LLC, B-418083.1, protester, corrective action (2019).
  • Mission Essential Personnel, LLC, B-417015.8, protester, corrective action (2019).
  • Accenture Federal Services LLC; Cognosante MVH, LLC; SRA International, Inc., B- 417111.5. intervenor, protest denied (2019).
  • Blue Glacier Management Group, B-416647.1, protester, corrective action (2018).
  • Open SAN Consulting, LLC, B-416968.1, protester, corrective action (2018).
  • Mission Essential Personnel, B-417015.3, protester, corrective action (2018).
  • Ernst & Young LLP, B-416074.2, protester, corrective action (2018).
  • Dell Services Federal Government, Inc., B-414461.6, intervenor, protest denied (2018).
  • G2SF, Inc., B-416508.1, protester, corrective action (2018).
  • STG International, Inc., B-415734.4, protester, corrective action (2018).
  • Maxim Healthcare Services, Inc., B-412967.9, intervenor, protest denied (2018).
  • 901 W Walnut Hill Lane Holdings Ltd Partnership, B- 416106.1, et al., intervenor, protest denied (2018).
  • L3 Unidyne, Inc., B- 414902., protester, sustained (2017).
  • Parcel 49C Limited Partnership v. United States, 130 Fed.Cl. 109, intervenor, protest denied (2016).
  • Martha's Table, Inc., DCCAB No. P-0896, protester, sustained (2012).



  • J.D., College of William and Mary Law School, 2001
  • B.A., English Literature, Carleton College, 1993


  • District of Columbia
  • Virginia


  • Board of Editors, Pratt's Government Contracting Law Report