Medical Data Privacy Compliance for Drug and Device Companies

August 4, 2003 - August 6, 2003
Crowne Plaza Center City
Philadelphia, PA
Medical data privacy laws are forcing drug and device companies to scrutinize and revise their medical research and commercial operations. HIPAA, the European Directive, SB11 along with legislative action in Florida and California and initiatives enforced by the Federal Trade Commission are just a few of the privacy mandates on a state, federal and international level impacting drug and device companies.

Although differing to certain degrees, the premise of all the privacy legislation is to radically change the way patients’ health information is maintained, transmitted and used. The implications for the medical research and commercial operations of drugs and device companies are extensive and the consequences for non-compliance can be severe.

Building on the success of the HIPAA for Drug and Device Companies series, The Institute for International Research is proud to bring you MedPriv 2003. This is the most comprehensive conference that examines all the key medical data privacy laws, offering compliance tactics and strategies across the business operations of drug and device companies.

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