Cell & Gene Therapy Forum 2005

January 24, 2005 - January 26, 2005
The Ritz-Carlton
Washington, DC

The program for this brand new event is still under development but you can now review all the presentations confirmed to date by clicking on the outline agenda above. It features a stimulating blend of plenary sessions addressing key strategic challenges and breakout sessions promoting in-depth discussion of major commercial, regulatory and development issues. This format allows us to cover issues common to both cell and gene-based therapies, as well as those specific to one or the other.

Key areas to be addressed include:

  • How and when will cell and gene therapies reach the market and what are the major challenges still to be overcome in the transition from technologies to products? Which therapeutic areas hold the most commercial promise?
  • How can cell and gene therapy companies access funding for ongoing development of their technologies?
  • What are realistic criteria for the valuation of cell and gene therapy technologies and companies and how can due diligence be performed?
  • What are big pharma and biotech looking for in terms of partnerships with cell and gene therapy companies? And how can these companies add sufficient value to their technologies to make them attractive to potential partners?
  • What lessons have been learnt from the clinical trials of products in the later stages of development? How can a real clinical benefit be proved?
  • How can an acceptable production cost be reached to make gene therapies a commercial success? What strategies can be employed in the process development and manufacture of individualised therapies?
  • How is the regulation of cell and gene-based therapies evolving in North America and Europe? What are the latest developments and how can you overcome the ongoing challenges in practice?

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