“Outsourcing to India — A Joint Presentation with Indian Counsel”

January 17, 2007

William A. Tanenbaum, Partner and International Chair of the Technology, Intellectual Property and Outsourcing Group, hosted "Outsourcing to India -- A Joint Presentation with Indian Counsel," a webinar originally webcast on January 17, 2007. The program, which included special co-presenter Akil Hirani, Managing Partner of the Indian law firm of Majumdar & Co., featured the views of both U.S. and Indian counsel on current issues in outsourcing to India. Topics included: securing IP rights developed in India and transfer of ownership to U.S. entities; the pros and cons of using "captive" outsourcing business units in India as compared with true third party outsource providers; and taxes that arise in outsourcing to India and how they can be addressed. The webinar is part of the monthly CLE Tanenbaum on Technology Law and More series sponsored by West and Celesq®.

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