SMPTE Digital Content Connection & VSF VidTrans 2007 Joint Conference

January 21, 2007 - January 24, 2007
Buena Vista Palace Hotel, 1900 Buena Vista Drive
Lake Buena Vista, Florida

Panel discussion:

Hadrian Katz will be on the Tuesday morning panel Content Anywhere - The Conflict Between Creators and Content Consumers - VSF Session.

Panel description:

Content creators want to have their content everywhere, and would like to make money doing it. Content consumers, especially young consumers, would like to have their content delivered on whatever device they happen to prefer at the moment without any restrictions, and they are not particularly focused on protecting content owner's rights while they do it.

This panel discussion starts with a description of the current legal environment and then expands to explore the different points of view regarding this important topic.

Other panelists include representatives of DirecTV and Turner/Time Warner.

Conference description:

The SMPTE Digital Content Connection & VSF VidTrans 2007 Joint Conference (January 21-24, 2007) will provide attendees with information on the latest advances in Motion Imaging and Video Transport Services, with a core theme of IPTV and Internet broadcasting. The conference is a unique gathering of service providers, equipment manufacturers, end users and others involved with the dynamic world of television and video.

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