Winning Cases in Federal Court (Two Part Course)

May 15, 2007
New York County Lawyers' Association
14 Vesey Street
New York, NY

This program explores the latest developments in federal civil practice, providing you with a comprehensive grounding in key federal and local rules, as well as in-depth presentations on the tactics and techniques that are successful in federal court.

Topics covered include: the strategic issues to consider in commencing an action in federal court and in responding to a complaint (including answers and motions to dismiss, transfer, etc.); when and how to move for summary judgment, and how to defeat a summary judgment motion; strategies and techniques for winning a trial in federal court; an overview of post-trial procedure (including post-trial motions, commencing an appeal and enforcement of judgments); what discovery is required, what is permitted and how to handle discovery disputes; electronic discovery; how to prepare for, take and defend depositions; non-party discovery; how to handle discovery concerning expert witnesses; and Rule 11, sanctions and ethical considerations.

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