Teleseminar: Managing Nanotechnology's Life Cycle Risks Responsibly - Decision Making To Protect Water Resources

June 27, 2007

Scope and Purpose

Breathtaking advances in nanotechnology already have led to hundreds of innovative products utilizing engineered nano-materials, i.e., those manufactured with at least one dimension between one and one hundred billionths of a meter. Yet research suggests that some nano-materials may pose potential risks to consumers, workers, and handlers and to such vital environmental resources as surface water, groundwater, air and other media. Particularly daunting is the importance of addressing the full range of possible nanotechnology impacts that may develop over a product's full life cycle - from product development, production, or use through to eventual disposal or destruction.

Discussion Topics Include:

  • Strategies needed to protect public and private water resources from nanotechnology risks.
  • Decisions that industry, researchers, and product developers must make to manage nanotechnology's potential risks responsibly without stifling valuable technological innovation.
  • Survey of the state of research and scientific knowledge relating to nano-materials' potential risks, and a review of the developing regulations, industry standards, and voluntary stewardship principles intended to address such risks.

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Meet the Speakers

Matthew T. Heartney
Senior Counsel
Arnold & Porter
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