6th Annual Corporate Counsel Forum on Advertising & Promotions for the Pharmaceutical Industry

January 22, 2008 - January 23, 2008
Millennium Broadway Hotel
New York, NY


In the wake of new legislation regulating DTC advertising, and the limited availability of defenses such as preemption and learned intermediary, the pharmaceutical advertising and promotions industry is experiencing significant regulatory and legal changes. Whether advertising on television, print, online, or through other means, the only way to ensure optimal compliance is with a thorough understanding of how governing bodies such as FDA, FTC, and the state attorney general offices work together to regulate pharmaceutical advertising. It is your duty to stay abreast of these industry-wide changes and advise your clients on how to adapt.

Ensure best practices in pharmaceutical advertising and marketing that will benefit your company and most importantly, the health of your consumers.

As always, careful, in-depth training of sales representatives and MSLs is necessary to ensure proper promotional practices. Now is the time to re-examine in-house programs and uncover the areas that need work. Make sure that the right information is shared and hear what other companies are doing to keep inappropriate information from being disseminated.

American Conference Institute has specifically tailored this year's program to provide you with a thorough understanding of advertising and promotions law for your industry. You will hear from leading pharmaceutical attorneys who are entrenched in advertising and marketing law, and representatives from the regulatory bodies who are called upon to review ads for improper advertising and promotional practices. Specific highlights include:

  • Understanding the implications of FDARA on DTC advertising
  • Mapping the regulatory landscape to ensure proper claim substantiation
  • Crafting effective disease awareness advertisements without overstepping regulatory boundaries
  • Creating an efficient system to map, track, and update advertising practices in compliance with state laws
  • Promoting to managed care groups in light of Medicare Part D Changes and other recent developments
  • Limiting promotional missteps with calculated sales-force and MSL training
  • Clarifying the FDA's rules for off-label promotions

Also, add value to your attendance by taking advantage of our post-conference workshop, Pharma Ad Claims and Promotions Compliance Bootcamp: Developing Key Advertising and Marketing Strategies that Can Withstand Government Scrutiny. This interactive workshop is essential to provide the framework for the conference which follows.

Register now by calling 888-224-2480, faxing your registration form to 877-927-1563, or registering online.

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