Green Real Estate Summit 2008: What Attorneys, Developers, Bankers and Regulators Need To Know

March 5, 2008
AMA Executive Conference Center
1601 Broadway
New York, NY

Mr. Fucci will participate in the session on Climate Change and Alternative Energy Sources at 2:30 p.m.

Why You Should Attend

The private real estate industry has embraced "green" as a key component of developing, renovating, managing and operating buildings and communities.  As sustainable real estate moves from grassroots to being accepted, demanded and mandated, a variety of practical and specialized legal issues will have to be addressed.

What You Will Learn

  • As more than 1000 pieces of legislation have been introduced on the local, state and federal levels, learn what some of the new requirements are and their implications for developing, managing, leasing and financing real estate
  • Discuss how to navigate the fine print and access the green benefits of local, state, federal and utility based incentives for green buildings
  • It is only a matter of time before carbon trading and green tags become part of the global warming arsenal in the United States.  Learn what to expect and how will it impact real estate, who the players will likely be and what the stakes are
  • Examine cost effective options for existing office space, new space, and the benefits that go beyond bricks and mortar
  • Review the US Green Building Council and the LEED certification process for different types of real estate

In addition, noted green building experts, both legal and non-legal, will discuss:

  • Principal components of a high performing, or green, building
  • The  process by which a  building can be certified as "green" or sustainable, including the governing body
  • How to allocate responsibilities and  legal risks in achieving the desired green results
  • The regulatory landscape and how it is changing
  • Governmental incentives for green buildings
  • Key "green" provisions and issues to consider when drafting real estate agreements, including leases, construction related agreements and financing documents

Who Should Attend

Law firm and in-house counsel, developers, bankers, and regulators who oversee green building investment.

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