Climate Change and Land Use Conference

May 5, 2008 - May 6, 2008
Doubletree Hotel Tarrytown
Tarrytown, NY

Who Should Attend

Attorneys, local governments attorneys, planners, engineers, consultants and developers.

Why Attend

To date, most of the efforts to limit greenhouse gas emissions in response to climate change, have focused on electric power generation and transportation. As those efforts mature, more and more attention is being paid to land use planning and project review at the local level.

California, Washington, Oregon and Massachusetts have all passed legislation seeking to regulate GHG emissions in private development and environmentally sensitive projects through their environmental review process. California has passed a landmark statute, AB 32, which requires local governments to consider global warming impacts as part of their planning processes. The settlement agreement between the state and San Bernardino County sheds some light on how the state plans to implement that policy. There is a growing list of other pioneering efforts by local governments that we will address.

For this first-of-its-kind conference, we have assembled experts from early adopter jurisdictions around the country, as well as leading New York land use professionals, to provide insights for the local governments attorneys, planners, consultants and developers. Hear about the factors that go into a successful regulatory program, the appropriate scope of local review in the Hudson River Valley and surrounding regions, and the best way for developers to respond to the concerns leading to these new regulations.

What You Will Learn

  • Federal policies and the gaps state and local governments are seeking to fill
  • Policy initiatives in other leading states and sources of regulatory authority
  • Policy priorities at the new Office of Climate Change
  • Local government authority in New York
  • Establishing baselines and modeling impacts
  • Analyzing transportation and impacts analysis
  • Critical components of project design and materials selection
  • Developing regional action plans
  • Stakeholder perspectives of the most effective and workable approaches moving forward

Meet the Speakers

Michael B. Gerrard
Senior Counsel
Arnold & Porter
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