Tax and Other Benefits for Renewable Energy Projects and Energy-Efficient Programs Under the 2009 Economic Stimulus Legislation

May 7, 2009

Kaye Scholer LLP and The Royal Bank of Scotland presented a seminar as part of Kaye Scholer’s GreenTech Breakfast Seminar Series.

The economic stimulus legislation includes federal grants and tax relief in a number of areas, such as renewable energy projects and energy-efficient programs. This seminar provided information on navigating the opportunities presented by the legislation.

Topics included

  • Extension of the renewable energy production tax credit
  • Expansion of the investment tax credit available for renewable energy projects
  • Availability of Treasury grants in lieu of tax benefits
  • Impact of the new tax rules upon the equity structure of certain renewable energy projects
  • New manufacturing facility tax credits
  • Expansion of the “new clean renewable energy bonds” and qualified energy conservation bonds provisions
  • Availability of grants from agencies other than the Treasury Department for energy-efficient programs.

This chart breaks down the opportunities presented by the legislation and provides information on the types of businesses that may qualify for funding.

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