Better Strike While the Iron is Hot-the Prospects for Chemical Regulatory Reform Legislation During the Current Congress

November 18, 2009

Program Overview:

This teleconference will bring together a panel of government, industry, and NGO experts to analyze the recent surge in efforts to overhaul the Toxic Substances Control Act ("TSCA"), the nation's primary chemical control statute.  

Panelists will share their insights on recent developments such as: 

  • The Obama Administration's recently-announced ''Essential Principles for Reform of Chemicals Management Legislation;''
  • Prospects for the reintroduction and passage of the Kid-Safe Chemicals Act or other TSCA-reform bills in the current Congress;
  • The various positions that are being staked out by trade and NGO groups; and
  • The significance of Administrator Jackson's programs for enhancing EPA's current chemical-control efforts using existing authorities.

This event provides an excellent opportunity for participants not only to learn about the latest developments, but also to listen in on what will surely be a lively discussion among some of the people in Washington who have the greatest insight into chemical-regulatory law and policy.  This is certain to be a "must-attend" program for ABA members involved in, or affected by, regulation of the chemical sector.


  • To provide an informal opportunity to hear from key policy makers and stakeholders, most of them current or former EPA managers, concerning EPA Administrator Jackson's recent remarks setting forth the Obama Administration's "Principles" for TSCA reform
  • To learn about the prospects for significant chemical regulatory reform legislation during this Congress, inducing the potential reintroduction of the "Kids-Safe Chemicals Act", or similar legislation

Meet the Speakers

Lawrence E. Culleen
Arnold & Porter
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