American Conference Institute's 9th National Advanced Forum on Privacy and Security of Consumer & Employee Information

January 26, 2010 - January 27, 2010
The Madison, a Loews Hotel, Washington, DC


It's never been more critical to ensure that your privacy and data security policies measure up…

Last year, businesses, educational institutions, and governments reported 50% more data breaches than in the previous year - breaches which exposed the personal records of at least 35 million Americans. And, it's estimated that data theft and breaches may have cost businesses worldwide as much as $1 trillion last year - with no indications that this year will be any better.

Meanwhile, tough new legislation is being enacted on both the federal and state levels, and enforcement of existing privacy legislation is being stepped up. And with the increasingly global nature of today's business environment, it's more apparent than ever that no organization exists in isolation and that businesses are increasingly reliant on the best practices of organizations they interact with.

To ensure your privacy and data security policies measure up in this challenging environment, be sure to attend American Conference Institute's 9th National Advanced Forum on Privacy and Security of Consumer and Employee Information. At this popular annual event, you will obtain proactive strategies that will make your compliance with the latest privacy laws and safeguarding of your customer and employee information more effective and efficient.

Attend and get valuable information on

  • Fitting corporate rules in the framework of international privacy regulatory requirements in a way that is practical, compliant, and cost-effective
  • Types of breaches and specific compromised information: what triggers notification?
  • Maintaining and updating your list of red flags and identity theft methods
  • Massachusetts' new requirements for creation of information security program
  • State-of-the-art criminal activity: where are the next technology threats coming from?
  • Managing your relationships with vendors and third parties to ensure your sensitive data stays protected

Meet the Speakers

Nancy L. Perkins
Arnold & Porter
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