Enabling Success of Renewable Energy Projects

March 10, 2010

Kaye Scholer LLP and PA Consulting Group presented a breakfast seminar as part of the GreenTech Breakfast Seminar Series.

The fields of sustainability and renewable energy are constantly growing and evolving, and the commitment and public awareness for a solution to global climate continues to intensify. As renewable energy projects increase in number and scope, questions arise as to how they will operate and how to make them successful. Kaye Scholer and PA Consulting Group held an informative discussion on the push for new and reliable energy sources, and offered insight on how to successfully implement and utilize these sources.

Topics Included

  • Current state of U.S. power markets
  • Necessity of renewable energy, and the surrounding issues
  • Solutions a "Green Bank" will provide
  • Increasing chances of success in launching a renewable energy project
  • Managing both cost and risk in renewable projects.
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