American Conference Institute's National Advanced Forum on Corporate Lobbying & Political Activities

April 29, 2010
Washington, DC

It's More Challenging Than Ever for Corporations That Engage in Lobbying and Political Activities to Comply and Stay Clear of Thorny Enforcement Problems… Attend This Special ACI Conference to Get the Answers You Need

With the new administration have come tough new rules designed to curtail lobbyist influence - tighter gift bans, disclosure rules, and restrictions on lobbyist communications, to name but a few. All these changes are shaking up the lobbying industry - lobbyists are deregistering in record numbers, even while many industries are spending more on political activities and lobbying harder than ever. And, with stepped-up enforcement from the FEC, DOJ and FBI - all of whom have indicated that campaign finance is a very high priority - and a number of states enacting tough new pay-to-play rules and shoring up state campaign finance laws - it's a critical time for those professionals entrusted with the task of ensuring their companies follow the rules - or face potentially harsh consequences.

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