“The Convergence of Sustainability and Mainstream Business Practices,” Global Sourcing Council webinar

June 23, 2010

William A. Tanenbaum, Partner and Chair of the Technology, Intellectual Property & Outsourcing Group and member of the GreenTech and Sustainability Group, gave the Global Sourcing Council webinar, titled "The Convergence of Sustainability and Mainstream Business Practices," on Wednesday, June 23, 2010.  The webinar discussed the blending of mainstream business practices and sustainability practices, and how Green IT and outsourcing will be used to make common business models more sustainable. 

The discussion also covered:

  • The business drivers behind the adoption of corporate sustainability practices
  • Why data centers represent the “low hanging fruit” in corporate sustainability initiatives
  • How corporations  will impose sustainability requirements in their supply chains
  • How outsourcing presents both a challenge and a solution to enhancing the sustainability of mainstream business practices
  • The evolving role of social corporate sustainability and impact on Foxconn
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