American Conference Institute Medical Device Pricing & Reimbursement

June 16, 2010
Chicago, IL

Setting Price and Seeking Reimbursement for New Medical Technologies Under Proposed Health Care Reform

  • Navigating the payment and reimbursement strategies for new medical technologies
  • Using medical evidence in the approval of new devices 
  • How do new and innovating devices receive approval?
    • overcoming obstacles for fitting new medical technologies into existing codes
  • Identifying common struggles and proposing solutions to coding dilemmas in new technologies
  • If new technology does not fit into an existing code, how do device manufacturers obtain a new code?
  • Evaluating the link between cost and coverage relative to new technologies  
  • Factoring reimbursement into the design and execution of new medial technologies
  • Conducting an early product reimbursement assessment to determine the feasibility of a new device
  • How do device manufactures think about reimbursement when evaluating whether to develop a new technology?

Meet the Speakers

Allison W. Shuren
Arnold & Porter
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