Outsourcing 2010: Structuring, Negotiation and Governance

October 21-22, 2010
Los Angeles, CA

Mock Negotiation of an Outsourcing Deal

Why You Should Attend

As the outsourcing industry has matured, the deals have become more complex and mission-critical and the law has grown deeper and broader.  The legal documents are essential, and lawyers can create or lose a great deal of value for their clients.  Thus, any lawyer working in this field needs to understand the latest ideas on how these deals are structured, negotiated and governed.  This is without question the most rigorous and best outsourcing program available for U.S. lawyers.

  • Observe a mock negotiation of an outsourcing agreement by top practitioners
  • Key clauses in outsourcing agreements
  • Negotiation strategies for outsourcing and technology licensing attorneys

Meet the Speakers

Matthew F. Maccoby
Senior Counsel
Arnold & Porter
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