In Search of Leverage — Successful (Re-)Financing of Private Equity Transactions 2011

November 25, 2010

Obtaining debt financing for private equity transactions continues to be a challenge. Syndicated loans of around 80% of the transaction volume were relatively easy to obtain and structure in 2006, whereas even 50% deals are difficult to find today.

Many banks suffer from having distressed loan and mezzanine portfolios on their books. In addition, future exit opportunities for existing portfolio companies are hard to determine.

This conference provided guidance on the following questions:

  • Will the business environment for leveraged transactions be more positive in 2011?
  • Which strategy should stakeholders pursue?
  • Are there suitable financial, operative, legal and tax-related restructuring options for distressed financings?
  • How can a private equity fund make debt financings work at the fund level?
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