National Forum on Clinical Integration

November 15-17, 2010
Washington, DC

The Authoritative Guide to ACOs and Other Integrated Models in the Wake of Health Care Reform

The National Forum on Clinical Integration is your premiere guide to navigating the complexities of structuring and implementing Accountable Care Organizations and other integrated health care models in the wake of landmark health care reform legislation. The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) expressly creates specific measures to curb, transform, and reduce spending while increasing quality of care through the introduction of ACO pilot programs that will have a tremendous impact on the legal and compliant structure, organization, and implementation of integrated care and health care delivery systems.

As the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) begins to issue guidance on the formation of ACOs under PPACA, providers and counsel representing physician groups and private payers must take immediate action to master the fundamentals of clinical integration in order to avoid the numerous antitrust and fraud and abuse pitfalls and landmines along the road to accountable care. ACI's Clinical Integration is the only forum providing a comprehensive guide to overcoming these obstacles and proactively preparing for further reform through real solutions.

Meet the Speakers

Thomas A. Gustafson, PhD
Senior Policy Advisor*
Arnold & Porter
Kirk Ogrosky
Arnold & Porter
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