Outsourcing Conference: How to Complete a Sourcing or Outsourcing Contract in 12 Weeks or Less

January 26, 2011

What the Presentation Covered:

In today’s economic environment, both customers and providers have strong incentives to drastically reduce the time and expense required to negotiate and complete outsourcing agreements. This includes reducing legal fees and executive time, and using outsourcing consultants effectively. In this conference, Atul Vashistha and William A. Tanenbaum discussed best practices, and next practices, for accomplishing this.

Mr. Vashistha and Mr. Tanenbaum covered:

  • how to separate negotiable from non-negotiable terms to speed negotiations
  • why customers should allow providers to conduct due diligence
  • how to use confidential data rooms for that due diligence
  • how to manage risks
  • how to reduce acrimony
  • how to achieve transparency
  • how to foster collaborative approaches
  • how to use consulting firms
  • how to minimize legal fees

Atul Vishistha is the author of the book “Outsourcing Wisdom,” and Chairman of Neo Group, which was named as one of the “Top Sourcing Advisors 2009” by IAOP and one of the “Top 25 Most Influential Consultants” by Consulting Magazine.

According to Chambers & Partners, Bill Tanenbaum “has built one of New York City’s most outstanding IT transactional practices” and is a “well-respected attorney, with a well-informed approach.” He was named as one of the “Top 25 IT Lawyers in the U.S.” by the Best of the Best 2009.

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