How To Successfully Manage a Review Investigation by ZPICs and Other Safeguard Contractors

October 6, 2011

The Medicare Zone Program Integrity Contractors are now on the scene, posing a direct threat to all Medicare providers and suppliers.

Meet the ZPICs - mean, lean auditing machines!

Their tactics and investigative strategies pose a significant challenge to providers and suppliers.

SafeGuard Services, AdvanceMed, and Health Integrity are all pursuing providers and suppliers with aggressive investigative strategies - surprise on-site visits to providers and beneficiaries, targeted data analysis, random audits, 100 percent pre-payment holds, and statistical extrapolations.

Some providers and suppliers are being systematically targeted by ZPICs. And they report the same investigative techniques.

While ZPIC auditors are similar to other Medicare auditors, they do differ in one very significant aspect – potential Medicare fraud implications. As such, it is vital that providers and suppliers facing ZPIC audits immediately and effectively address targeted audit issues.

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