Kaye Scholer Sponsors the 26th Annual Aircraft Finance & Commercial Aviation Conference 2012 (Barcelona, Spain)

April 24 – 26, 2012

Kaye Scholer is a sponsor of the 26th Annual Aircraft Finance & Commercial Aviation Conference, which will be held on April 24 – 26 in Barcelona, Spain. Partners Michael C. Mulitz, Daniel J. Hartnett and Willys H. Schneider, together with Michael Gangemi of WNG Capital LLC, a leading aircraft operating lessor focused on investments in used commercial aircraft, will present a panel discussion on the topic “Private Equity Investment in Aircraft – Examining Investor and Issuer Expectations and Structures.” Michael Mulitz will also speak at a breakfast briefing on the panel, “Maximizing Your Protection Under Cape Town,” which will address recent ratifications, implementations and the likely impact for airlines of the Cape Town Convention.

This annual conference attracts key players in the aviation industry, including global airlines, aircraft and engine manufacturers, financiers and leasing companies, among others. Key topics will include new developments in aircraft manufacture, business models and airline strategy, innovations in airline leasing and forecasts for the future of global aviation.

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