Managing Mass Torts: Less is Definitely More

January 15, 2013

This webinar will review the legal and practical aspects of a number of techniques for managing mass tort litigations. We will first consider the consolidation of far-flung lawsuits into one or two manageable jurisdictions, with a focus on removal, defeating fraudulent joinder of non-diverse defendants, and MDL procedures. We will then review various methods for gathering information on claims prior to discovery, such as the use of court-ordered "Lone Pine" questionnaires, to frame effective motions to dismiss or for summary judgment. Finally, we will consider various methods for defeating medical tests and "diagnoses" that have been commissioned by plaintiffs' counsel, and related means to reduce the number of cases.

Some of the key topics we'll be addressing are the following:

  • How to consolidate far-flung lawsuits into a manageable number of jurisdictions;
  • Methods for gathering factual information before the start of discovery, including "Lone Pine" questionnaires; and
  • Strategies for defeating medical tests and "diagnoses" commissioned by plaintiffs' counsel.

Daphne O'Connor, a Vice President and Associate General Counsel at Altria, has had extensive experience managing and trying both pharmaceutical and tobacco cases.

Keri Arnold, a partner at Arnold & Porter LLP, New York, NY, has been involved for a number of years in pharmaceutical and tobacco mass tort cases. She is currently managing, as well as trying, the Engle tobacco cases in Florida.

Peter Grossi, who has been named the "Senior Statesman" of the National Product Liability Bar by Chambers each of the last five years, is currently on the law school faculties at Harvard, Penn and UVA, where he teaches courses on product liability.

Moderated By:
Judy Bernstein-Gaeta, a partner at Arnold & Porter LLP, Washington, DC, specializes in consumer fraud class actions and mass torts.

Meet the Speakers

Keri L. Arnold
Arnold & Porter
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