Second Annual Advanced Two-Day Conference on Natural Resources Damages

February 14-15, 2013
Washington, DC

Why You Should Attend

Natural Resources Damages policy and practice are of vital concern to the public, federal, state and tribal trustees and various stakeholder interests. New policy and regulatory approaches and evolving case law continue to fill this critically important area of law with complex challenges for environmental practitioners.

This conference will cover the substantial legal, scientific, economic and policy issues facing trustees and stakeholders. Key questions to be asked and answered involve the continuing evolution in the relationship between cleanup and restoration, the changing calculus surrounding when to settle and when to move forward into advanced NRD litigation, and the impact of notable decisional trends in federal courts. There will also be an emphasis on practical tips for successfully navigating the complex world of NRD litigation. Attendees can expect in-depth discussions on key concepts such as the admissibility of evidence, how courts weigh the contribution of competing environmental experts, the most effective claims and defenses, issues of proof and law and more.

Our faculty is drawn from senior environmental practitioners, and representatives from affected industries and government agencies, who have notable expertise in developing effective strategies in NRD litigation, as well as projecting the impact of important policy and regulatory developments.

Who Should Attend

In-house, private and government attorneys; policymakers; senior executives and risk managers; consultants and others who are involved in natural resource damage assessments and claims.

What You Will Learn

  • Federal policy: What do key trustees have on the top of their agenda?
  • A look at the future for NRD claims by state and tribal trustees
  • Decisional trends in recent court decisions and settlements
  • The relationship between cleanup and restoration
  • Promises and pitfalls of cooperation: Trustee and industry perspectives
  • NRD claims under the "other" (Non-CERCLA) statutes
  • International based NRD restoration
  • Putting an NRD case on trial
  • The experts on questions of proof: The economics of restoration
  • What's admissible and how it fits with legal standards
  • Use of environmental experts

Meet the Speakers

Brian D. Israel
Arnold & Porter
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