Mass Tort Litigation: Reducing Claims & Minimizing Risks

April 23, 2013

Mass tort cases have the potential to be lengthy, expensive litigations that drag on with no apparent endgame in sight. However, carefully thought out litigation strategies and tools have proven successful, both at the outset of the litigation and after it has matured, in defeating mass tort cases or significantly limiting them so they can be disposed of with reasonable certainty and manageable risk. This webinar will survey some real-world strategies and provide a more detailed discussion of selected examples of such litigation tools by experienced defense attorneys and in-house counsel responsible for managing major litigation.

The areas addressed will include:

-Identifying, developing and advocating case-ending legal arguments
-Participants will learn how to identify, and develop, a range of potentially dispositive legal challenges that can end, or greatly limit, a plaintiff's case, including jurisdiction/standing, causation/product identification, Daubert motions and challenges to plaintiff's damage proof.
-Disaggregating plaintiffs' claims and requiring plaintiffs to present individual proof
-Participants will learn about innovative, successful approaches to defeating mass tort class actions and other aggregate litigation
-Strategic positioning of cases and issues for favorable trial resolution
-Panelists will discuss/participants will learn about strategies for pre-trial and trial to put defendants in the best position to achieve a successful outcome



Meet the Speakers

Matthew T. Heartney
Arnold & Porter
William H. Voth
Arnold & Porter
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