Administrative and Case Law Update: What's Been Recently Resolved, What's Still Pending, and What's Recently Emerged as Issues in the Clean Air Arena

July 11-12, 2013
Los Angeles, CA

EPA's New Air Quality Regulations

Recent and anticipated EPA tightening of National Ambient Air Quality Standards (NAAQS) will dramatically expand the geographic range and degree of regulatory challenges already facing state and regional air quality programs throughout the United States.

In the South Coast, arguably the canary in the regulatory coal mine, there have been some dramatic successes in cleaning the air, but also some notable disasters. One such failure is the near-complete absence of offsets for the permitting of critically needed energy supplies and for desired cleantech investment. Many argue that fresh approaches to air quality planning and new types of control strategies are desperately needed if the Clean Air Act's goals are to be achieved with limited state resources and without imposing unacceptable economic harm. As the prospects for serious legislative and regulatory reform are debated, regulated entities face serious permitting challenges, agency enforcement and an increasing number of citizen suits. If these considerations were not enough, following the Supreme Court's decision in Massachusetts v. EPA, the EPA and states, and the sources they regulate, now struggle with strategies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

This comprehensive conference on air quality regulation, held in the center of the storm, California's South Coast, you will hear from U.S. EPA, Washington legislative aides, state and regional air quality planners, industry representatives and environmental advocates regarding their views on the likely evolution of the Clean Air Act. They will address the effect of new standards on industry and the environment, the potential for significant changes in the statute and implementing regulations, potential strategies for defending against enforcement and citizen suits, and considerations for surviving or thriving in the face of the most complex and high stakes of all the environmental programs.

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Jonathan S. Martel
Arnold & Porter
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